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DaVinci Direct District Services

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DaVinci focuses on delivering high-quality instruction designed to ensure the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and overall educational goals are met. Using our methods, every student we work with has the greatest likelihood of receiving specialized instruction delivered by highly qualified teachers to target and work towards deficits. We utilize a variety of special education supports and programs to serve students with disabilities and promote meaningful access, participation and progress in the general curriculum, including constant teacher services, paraprofessional support, resource room service and integrated co-teaching.

Our programs and alternative methods are used to modify the instructional approach and are customized to meet each of our students’ individual needs. We liaise with districts to provide an optimal learning environment for our students while supporting and instructing beyond their Individual Education Plan. We maintain and promote mindfulness to ensure that student, district, and familial concerns are acknowledged and addressed. We offer direct instruction in multi-sensory reading, writing, and math. Additionally, we offer resource room instruction in parochial, private, and public school settings. Our speech and language services provide additional support for students.  Our NYS licensed staff support you with weekly communication and reports.

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What people have said about DaVinci:

  • The DaVinci team of professionals provide specialized instruction and customized intervention to our students that makes a real difference. We appreciate how they work with our staff to turn key support back to the district whenever possible.

    Michelle Mitchell Assistant Administrator for Special Education, Smithtown Central School District

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